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Deep Reach Technology, Inc. Receives Contract from an Industry Innovator for Deep-Water Marine Telecommunications Buoy

Houston, Texas (USA) – 2017

Based on concepts presented by a client, Deep Reach Technology, Inc. (“DRT”) has been contracted to develop a deep-water telecommunications system based on the deployment of deep-water buoys.

DRT will use system functional requirements to develop a full conceptual design of a suitable system consisting of a spar buoy and 150m guy-stabilized tower. The concept will be supported by wave-induced motion analysis, structural evaluation of the tower, calculation of stresses during system deployment, and structural finite element analysis (“FEA”) with Abaqus™.

The conceptual design will be followed by a value engineering effort aimed at reducing the lifecycle cost of the system. The technical side of the value-engineering process will be supported by numerical optimization on wave induced motions, scantlings of structural components, and mooring system design. The technical results will then be integrated with a parametric cost model to allow cost-driven decisions to be made.

The DRT team includes a number of design and academic leaders in the field of deep-water offshore technology. For further information contact Mr. Steven Rizea, DRT President at or Dr. John Halkyard, Chairman, at

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