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Deep Reach Technology, Inc. Receives Contract with an Ocean Mining Exploration Company for a Deep-Sea Nodule Mining Simulator

Houston, Texas (USA) – 2018

Deep Reach Technology, Inc. (“DRT”) has been contracted to develop a dynamic simulation of a multi-harvester deep-sea nodule mining system. DRT will be using Vortex Studio, a multi-physics simulator developed by CM Labs™ to complete the simulation.

Vortex Studio will allow for simultaneous real-time analysis of wave-induced motions; buoyancy, weight, and drag on submerged components; and component interface forces. In addition, the software will provide real-time analysis of wave-induced forces on various ship-board structures, such as shipboard cranes and harvester pickup heads. Starting with renderings of vessels and seabed harvesters, DRT will create equipment models that will be turned into mechanical simulations. The goal is to provide a complete simulation of the system from the harvester to the mining vessel, deployment of a harvester from a support vessel, and installation of a flexible transport jumper.


Vortex Studio also includes cutting-edge graphics capability, which will allow the client to use the simulation for both engineering analysis and fund-raising presentations. DRT will integrate the HTC Vive Pro® virtual reality system into the simulation, allowing users to immerse themselves in the mining system and freely investigate both surface and seabed components in real-time.

The DRT Team has a strong multi-disciplinary legacy in deep ocean mining going back to pioneering work in the 1970’s. The current team includes geologists, ocean engineers, process engineers and environmental scientists with extensive experience in deep sea mining. We are capable of performing a broad range of services from concept and feasibility studies, to equipment design and test, to full FEED engineering. For further information contact Mr. Steven Rizea, DRT President at or Dr. John Halkyard, Chairman, at

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