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Offshore Renewable Energy


Offshore Renewable Energy has been an active area for DRT, its Associates and Partners over the past several years. Clients have included Lockheed Martin Corporation (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversions), Wavebob Ltd (Wave Energy) and the University of Maine (Floating Wind Energy). DRT’s expertise has focused on the floating platform, moorings and risers. For example, the program FLOATERSIZE has been adapted by the US DOE National Renewable Energy Lab to optimize floating wind platforms.  DRT in conjunction with Lockheed Martin Corporation has developed a unique taut mooring system anchored by a patented self installing micro-pile foundation.  This system is ideally suited for floating renewable energy platforms which often require anchoring in hard bottoms. 



Figure 1 Wavebob Principle of Operation (Schlemmer et al)

Figure 2 Lockheed Martin 10 MW OTEC Pilot Platform

Laurie Meyer, VP and COO of DRT previously was Chief Technologist of the Lockheed Martin alternative energy program, and is active on the international IEC Working Group to develop OTEC standards.

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