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Deep Reach Technology, Inc. Receives Contract with a Leading Offshore Technology Developer for Deep-Sea Nodule Airlift System Simulation and Analysis

Houston, Texas (USA) – 2019

Deep Reach Technology, Inc. (“DRT”) has been contracted to develop an optimized deep-sea nodule airlift design for a pilot mining system. DRT will leverage its proprietary airlift simulation software to support the selection of the vertical transport system for a pilot test scheduled for deployment in 2021.Airlift is a concept that uses air injected into a vertical pipe to create a pumping effect. The air bubbles reduce the density of the fluid in the pipe, which allows hydrostatic pressure at bottom of the pipe to drive flow upwards. Airlift permits transport of a seawater/nodule slurry from the seabed at 4000-meter depth up to the surface without the need for any moving parts below the waterline.


DRT’s work will provide detailed descriptions of a variety of airlift design options as part of sensitivity studies investigating the practical impact of various design parameters. Our automated optimization processes will guide the design toward configurations that minimize power consumption and riser weight. DRT will also use simulation software to deliver detailed characterizations of client-selected configurations.

The DRT Team has a strong multi-disciplinary legacy in deep ocean mining going back to pioneering work in the 1970’s. The current team includes geologists, ocean engineers, process engineers and environmental scientists with extensive experience in deep sea mining. We are capable of performing a broad range of services from concept and feasibility studies, to equipment design and test, to full FEED engineering. For further information contact Mr. Steven Rizea, DRT President at or Dr. John Halkyard, Chairman, at

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