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August 24, 2021

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Deep Reach Technology, Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore Join Forces in Offshore Wind Research


Initial efforts focus on developing floating structures to support wind turbines.


(Houston) Deep Reach Technology Inc. (DRT), a leading-edge engineering company that develops novel solutions for complex offshore challenges in renewable energy and marine energy minerals production, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Trendsetter Vulcan Offshore (TVO) to collaborate on developing innovative support structures for large offshore wind turbines.


“This MOU is a major step forward in the work DRT is doing in the renewables sector to develop technologies that enable affordable energy,” says DRT Co-founder and Chairman Dr. John Halkyard. “Our team began working in marine renewables more than a decade ago with a focus on ocean thermal energy conversion, and we continue to develop solutions that will facilitate the ongoing energy transition. It is exciting for our experts to be taking on this new challenge with the support of the TVO team, with its impressive track record for developing novel concepts for economic, offshore oil and gas extraction.”


As one component of the MOU, DRT and TVO will work together on one of the 15 projects to receive grants from the National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium (NOWRDC), an entity established with funding from US Department of Energy to support innovation in offshore wind solutions, US-based supply chain development, electrical systems innovation, and solutions for impacts on wildlife and radar. With the grant pending, DRT and TVO are laying plans to investigate how novel offshore oil and gas platforms can be adapted to be used for large wind turbines. The initiative outlined by DRT will focus on developing designs for very large fixed-bottom and floating offshore wind turbines that can be built economically to expedite offshore wind energy development.


“TVO was built on creative thinking, and our team is looking forward to putting our expertise to work with the experts at DRT to help resolve the technical challenges that will enable affordable offshore wind energy,” says TVO CEO Mr. Jim Maher.


About Deep Reach Technology, Inc.

DRT provides specialized engineering and techno-commercial services targeting offshore renewable energy and marine mineral harvesting. DRT’s team has extensive experience in deep sea mining and exploration, offshore floating platforms and risers, seafloor geotechnics, subsea robotics, subsea equipment design, construction, and marine operations.

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